Digital AccessBox™

Digital AccessBox™ provides a patented WiFi AccessBox™ that leverages the use of smartphone technology to provides the business establishments the ability to detect and WELCOME customers as they enter the premises connecting them establishment’s unique WiFi domain.


Patent-Pending WiFi Internet Access Point

  • Connect Customers to Your Business
  • Personalize Welcome Message
  • Manage Advertising & Promotions

Remote Control & Management

  • Access from Anytime & Anywhere
  • View/Build Ads & Content Remotely
  • Load Ads/Content via Web Interface

Low-Cost Advertising Center

  • Dynamic Scheduling & Control of Ads/Content
  • Ads Can Be in Graphics, Audio & Video Format

On-Site Check-in and Registration

  • Integrated to Salon Appointment Book
  • Can be customized for Other Service Business


As customers enter the premise and register to the businesses WiFi domain using their Name and phone number, the unique ID of their smartphone device is used to return a ‘WELCOME’ acknowledgement directly to the customer. In addition to the ‘WELCOME’ message, the technology gives the customer the ability to acknowledge their arrival on-premise, check scheduled services and request additional services if desired.

Providing more personalized services can increase your business’ revenue. The unique capability of Simple ACCESS associates the customer’s check-in information to their unique smartphone’s address, thus allowing the business to recognize the actual person that enters the shop vs only detecting a device. With customer information accurately captured and fed into the Simple DELUXE SALON Point of Sale PLUS backend application, the business establishment can enhance the customer’s buying experience through offers of additional services tailored to the specific customer’s interest.